Travel Insurance


Travel is all about fun and enjoyment, but you can travel worry-free if you prepare ahead for any potential complications that may emerge. A well-thought-out travel insurance policy can save you a lot of distress on your trips. It protects you against financial losses and unanticipated issues that may arise during a vacation. To make your trip plans foolproof, secure, and hassle-free, SFPL provides a vast selection of affordable plans with Cashless facility and No Sub-limits services. It covers a range of services like baggage/passport loss, flight delays, flight cancellations, medical expenses, etc.  From unpredictable flight delays and missed connections to loss of belongings, medical emergencies and adventure sport ouches, we cover for you so that nothing takes away your peace of mind. Our customized travel insurance policies are there to make sure you get the most out of your vacation. For your convenience, we have made this service accessible online, so everything from purchasing travel insurance online to filing a claim is really easy and can be completed digitally, in minutes!